How to Protect Floors When Moving

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    How to Protect Floors When Moving

    Moving is time consuming and requires a lot of planning. Moving takes a toll on the floors. If not properly protected can mean irreversible damage to your hardwood floors and carpeting. With all of the traffic going in and out of your house, not to mention all of the large items, that will have to be carried in and out of the door, your home can get dirty and sustain some damage. The last thing that you want is a nasty scratch when moving out potentially reducing the value of the house. If you’re moving into a home, the same concern remains. You want to protect your floors and keep your new home in the best condition possible. Let’s take a look at some of the ways on how to protect floors when moving.

    Always Hire Qualified Moving Services

    It’s important to work with professional movers who know what they are doing. A company that isn’t skilled in moving large items carefully on hardwood floors could scuff or scratch hardwood, causing sustainable damage.

    Prep Floors for the Big Day

    You will want to place a doormat and a doorstop in the entrance of your home, providing adequate space for the movers to enter and exit your home with ease, as well as keeping larger debris out.

    Protect Your Wood Flooring

    Use floor runners or area rugs to protect wood flooring, especially in high traffic areas. Make sure the floor runners you purchase have the nonslip surface. You do not want anyone to slip and fall, especially if they are carrying a heavy table or appliance.

    Use Furniture and Glider Pads

    Furniture and glider pads help cushion the feet or corners of furniture and raise them slightly off the floor. You’ll see them made of felt, cork, and rubber. These soft pieces of fabric will form a protective barrier between the chair and the floor. Felt pads will even help glide your furniture more smoothly when you need to shift its position.

    Avoid Using Cardboard

    Cardboard slides around easily, the last thing you want to do is tape it to the floors. If it gets wet from inclement weather, cardboard wont sustain it. In addition, the print on the box may end up transferred to the floor. Cardboard can be used for a quick fix, like sliding it under a heavy appliance that needs to be set down, but other than that it is not a great solution.

    Use Red Rosin Paper Instead

    Red rosin paper is a much better alternative to use. It is made from recycled paper typically used for flooring and siding purposes. The polyurethane coating makes it resistant to tearing and moisture. Ram board is another great alternative to cardboard. This heavy-duty contractor-grade product can be reused several times.

    The Ultimate Protection for Your Hardwood Floors

    The ultimate protection for flooring during a move is plywood. It is strong and heavy duty. Holding up under any type of weight.  You can easily move loaded dollies across plywood and you won’t have to worry about dropped furniture or messy work boots.

    Protect Your Carpets

    A carpet mask, similar to stretch wrap will provide a reliable layer of protection for your carpets. Carpet masking is relatively affordable, especially when compared to the cost of replacing or cleaning your current carpet. Its surface is not slippery. It is self-adhesive and provides good protection. Most brands won’t leave adhesive residue behind on your carpets and are available in a variety of sizes. It has spill guard technology that repels liquid up to 48 hours. It’s safe for wood, concrete, tile, even marble.