Moving a business in Manhattan?

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    New York City, in particular, Manhattan, has a well-deserved reputation as a world-leading business hub. From market access to access to top talent, NYC offers businesses the kind of resources not seen in many other places. But, moving around in NYC, and moving a company in the city has its challenges.

    Companies that want to move to Manhattan or relocate within the city to take advantage of the resources need the expertise of an experienced and reputable commercial mover. Moving in NYC is not like moving in most other cities. From one part of Manhattan to another the commercial vehicle parking rules change and from one building to another, the mover access rules can change. With the right experience and the right reputation, a professional commercial office mover is invaluable to a successful corporate move in Manhattan.

    Parking A Commercial Moving Truck

    Businesses in Manhattan can be located on large multi-lane streets to small one way streets. Knowing what NYC allows and doesn’t allow for moving van parking can mean the difference between an uninterrupted move and a move delayed by days.

    You want a mover who knows the rules in Tribeca versus the Upper East Side. Or even the difference between the rules on 59th Street and those a couple of blocks away on 61st Street. The rules for parking a commercial moving truck are not necessarily intuitive. To give you some idea of the complexity, here are some examples:

    Midtown commercial moving truck parking and standing can only happen in commercial metered areas, requiring payment. This is true for businesses between 23rd and 59th, from Second Avenue to Ninth Avenue and on Canal Street on both sides between Bowery and West Broadway.

    The Blue Zone in Lower Manhattan is pretty much off limits from 7am to 7pm M-F. Meanwhile, the Garment District has 7am to 7pm restrictions 7-days a week, but there are exceptions for expeditious loading and unloading.

    If your commercial mover is not familiar with the many, and very specific, rules governing commercial vehicle parking in NYC, your Manhattan office move can come to a screeching halt.

    Office Building Moving Rules

    Moving into most buildings in the city have specific building rules. Being familiar with the building management and their rules helps office moving go smoothly. The rules vary by building, but they all generally require:

    Reserving dock and freight elevator time

    Moving time restrictions

    Coordination with the onsite building manager

    Protection for common areas

    A reputable commercial mover in NYC is familiar with the best ways to communicate and coordinate with building management to ensure there are no hiccups that can delay the move. Leaving this communication to companies not experienced in commercial moves puts the moving timeline at risk and increases potential downtime for employees.  For the move to stay on schedule, having a commercial mover with Manhattan office moving experience is vital.

    If you have an office moving coming up, be sure to contact us. Our commercial moving services, and our deep experience in New York City will ensure your business relocation goes smoothly.