How to Prepare Employees for an Office Move

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    If you’re moving your office to a new location, it’s usually a sign of positive growth in your company. You likely already have your hands full managing your relocation with your commercial moving company, but you need to help your employees prepare for an office move.

    Relocating your business can significantly impact the morale of your staff if you don’t handle your move with care. The goal of this post is to help you inform and prepare your employees for your upcoming business move. Learn how you can communicate effectively and help employees get organized before the move.

    Tell Your Employees About the Office Relocation Early

    When you’re moving employees to another location, you need to give them as much notice as possible. Whether you are planning a local or long-distance corporate relocation, your employees will be affected and will have questions. Involve your employees in your office relocation process as early as your can.

    As you continue to go through your office moving process, keep your employees updated. You don’t need to share every single detail, but be sure your employees know:

    • The address of the new office location
    • The moving date
    • What will be expected of employees during the move

    Write an Office Moving Memo to Your Employees

    Whether you have an office of 20 employees or 2,000 employees, an office relocation memo will ensure that everyone is informed of the move. Your office relocation announcement should be brief but informative.

    Tips for Writing an Office Relocation Announcement

    Provide more information as you get it during the relocation process but here are some things you may want to include in your office relocation announcement to your employees:

    • Show excitement to set the tone for your office announcement
    • Provide the new company address and any other changing contact information
    • Express the reason why the company is moving
    • Tell e0mployees how the office move positively impacts them
    • Tell them how the relocation benefits the company
    • Give employees information about overall moving plans and next steps
    • Provide a Human Resources point of contact to address any concerns

    Show Employees the New Office Space and Layout

    Some employees may find the office move quite exciting but others may feel anxious about relocating to a new office space. Showing your employees the office furniture and floor plan in their future working environment can help to ease apprehension about the move.

    Managers can see the new areas where they will lead their weekly standup meetings. The IT Department can envision neatly wrapped cables in the new server room.  And it’s also a chance for employees to ask questions while they’re actually in the space.

    Celebrate the Completed Office Move

    The relocation process can be overwhelming no matter how well you plan. Once you and your employees successfully move into your new office, make sure you celebrate! Whether it’s a launch party just for employees or an open-house great for networking, reward yourself and the employees for all the efforts.

    The Best Way to Prepare Employees for an Office Move

    One of the best things you can do to help your employees prepare for an office move is to hire professional movers. Even with a proper communication plan and office organization, the upcoming move can be stressful for employees at any level. If your personnel is also responsible for packing and moving the office, not only may it affect morale, it may add extra stress to their workday.

    When you hire experienced commercial movers, you and your employees have one less thing to worry about. Full-service office movers will safely pack your office furniture and items and then unpack them on moving day. You won’t have to worry about packing supplies, moving boxes, or loading and unloading moving trucks.

    Hire a Licensed and Experienced Office Moving Company

    When you’re ready to schedule your office move, choose the professional office movers at TwoGuysAndTruck Moving.

    Whether you are planning a local office relocation or are moving your business long-distance, our professional packers and movers are sure to help make your office relocation process a smooth one.