How to Move And Still Social Distance

Several states throughout the United States is slowly going back to normal. However, this normal is still not the normal that we knew this time last year. Social distancing is still being encouraged even by those states that are reopening. For those who located in the Long Island area, social distancing is still required. So, how can you move when you are still practicing social distancing? We have several tips that you can use that is meant to keep you and your movers safe.

One of the ways in which we are protected people is by offering virtual estimates. You can easily take us through your home showcasing what you need to be moved via your phone. We can then give you an estimate that is just as good as if we were to come into your home. This way, no one is getting into contact with one another.

A few other tips to follow:

1. Be sure to use new boxes to avoid used boxes that may be contaminated with the virus.

2. Have hand sanitizer, soap and water on hand for everyone that is in the home, including the movers.

3. Wear masks and gloves when the movers are there. Our professionals will be donning the same so that they are protecting themselves and our customers.

4. Be sure that you are not feeling unwell before the movers arrive. If you are, postpone the move. Moving is not something that should be done when it possibly puts you in harm’s way.

5. While movers are moving the furniture, stay out of the way. They are going to be moving this on their own, so you can keep the six foot distance that is recommended easily.

6. Open up the windows and doors as much as you can to allow air to come into the home, making it more open and less likely to be bacteria ridden.

7. Wipe down everything when it comes to your new home with wipes or a disinfectant solution.

You can still move and maintain social distancing, it just may mean adjusting how you would normally do things…which is okay. Right now, with everything that we do, we are adjusting our normal!