Do you want to make the cheapest move? We bring you a few tips on how to do it. The most important is to pick the cheapest time to move. There are many time factors involved in the moving process, from the day of the month, weekends, and weekdays, to the time of the day. If you want to choose the cheapest time to make a move, you need to think about all the factors involved in your moving day. Also, you have to think about your needs, budget, and possibilities.


1. What is the cheapest day of the month?

To pick the cheapest time to move, first, you need to think about the cheapest day of the month. Summer months are the most popular months to make a relocation, especially for families with children. When you have children, school starts in the fall so you have to move during the summer months. Be aware this time of year is the most expensive to make a move. But, you can make a move in the middle of the month because it is the time of the month when rates go down.

Calendar you should use ti pick the cheapest time to move
Think about the cheapest days of the month to pick the best time to make a move

2. What is the cheapest time of the day?

Morning moves are usually cheaper than relocation in the middle of the day. Moving in the morning isn’t just good because of the affordable rates it is also a better time to avoid traffic jams. The sooner you start with relocation the sooner you will be done.

3. Weekdays or weekends?

If you are hiring NJ moving company for your relocation, to save some money it is definitely better to make a move during weekdays. Moving companies lower their prices during the weekdays while prices are higher during the weekends. Lower prices are one of the major reasons why people move in the middle of the week. If you can make a move during the week, then you should do it to save some money on your relocation. Especially if you are making a long distance move, the price will be significantly lower than moving on weekends.


If you want to make more cuts on your moving budget, maybe you should consider packing on your own. It is always cheaper to pack for a move on your own. Hiring professional packing services is more expensive but it is also the only way you can be sure your belongings are safe and protected. But, if this is one of the ways to save money, you should gather cardboard boxes and start packing them. Make sure to declutter your home and sell or donate items you won’t use at your new location. This will significantly cut your moving costs for moving services NJ. The fewer items you have to transport, the less you will pay for the move.


To summarize, when is the cheapest time to move?

  • Early AM

For those who like to get up early in the morning: this is the best time to make a move. Early mornings mean cooler conditions in warmer months, fewer traffic jams, and earlier arrival to your new home.

The early morning is the best time to make a move
  • Weekdays

When picking a moving date, it is better to choose a weekday when movers offer lower prices. Many moving companies suggest making a move during Monday to Thursday. If you can miss a day of work then you should plan your move during the week. Forget about weekends when the prices and demand for movers are higher. Also, moving on weekdays means you will have more time to unpack on the weekend. You will have time to prepare for the new job and other obligations.

  • Mid-month

Avoid moving at the beginning or the end of the month, instead, you should make a move in the middle of the month. In this period of the month, demands and costs are lower than in other periods of the month. The general rule: the first day of the month is usually the busiest because many leases begin the first of the month.

  • Mid-September through April

If you want to save money, then you should make a move in the off-peak season. Moving from September to April brings lower demands for movers and lower rates. The fact is that approximately 70 percent of all moving happens in the spring and summer. Why? Because many families are free of school and the weather is ideal. Students usually relocate in the early fall and late spring, because these periods of the year are the starts and ends of leases. So, if you are moving to a city with universities, avoid moving in early September when all students are moving.

To pick the cheapest time to move you should think about many factors


  • Weather

Weather is another important factor that can have a big impact on your moving date. If you can, avoid it during storms, rainy days, and icy roads. Bad weather can make a move a very hard and miserable time.

  • Work

If you have a job, this is another consideration to take when choosing a moving date. If you are busy during the weekdays you have to save some extra money to move during the weekend.

  • Family concerns

If you have school-age children, you have to pick a convenient time for your children to move. It is crucial to avoid a chaotic school year and important exams.

Of course, not all of us have the option to move at the most ideal time. The “best” and cheapest time to move depends on the location, weather, budget, family matters, and flexibility at work. Plan everything properly and you will avoid hidden moving costs. Once you pick the moving date convenient for the entire family, you are on the half of way of a successful move.