The success of any project depends on the appropriate tools. When it comes to moving to a new home, those tools are your packing supplies and materials. From boxes to labels and from bubble wrap to moving blankets, make sure you are outfitted with the essential supplies for your upcoming household move.

Whether relocating to the next town or across the country, the objective is for your stuff to arrive safely. The ideal way to do that is to pack using materials that keep items secure and safe.

To help you pack like a professional mover, review the supplies you’ll need, then stock up for a successful pack and move.


Of course, moving boxes are essential, but it’s critical to have sturdy boxes in various sizes to accommodate your belonging.

Pack heavier items like books and hand tools in small boxes so that the load doesn’t weigh too much. Then pack lighter things like clothes, bedding, and towels in large boxes.

Make sure the boxes are sturdy, clean, and dry. When packing dishes, use dish packs or double-walled boxes for added strength. Plates, glasses, and bowls are fragile, and boxes with thicker walls will help protect them — if they are packed correctly in the protective wrapping material.

Assess your belongings and determine if you need specialty boxes for your dishes, glassware, television, or wardrobe. Sometimes these unique boxes make the packing that much easier.


Having the right wrapping material available as you pack your items is a key priority.


Bubble wrap and packing paper will help protect your fragile items and are essential to have on hand on packing day. Wrap your dishes and glassware in packing paper, tissue paper, or newspaper. An added protection for plates and glasses are cardboard box dividers. These will keep your fragile items from knocking into one another, causing damage.


In addition to wrapping your fragile items carefully, pack plenty of crumpled paper into the box’s spaces to prevent stuff from shifting around. Kitchen towels and pot holders also make good packing filler to line the boxes.


The key to a successful smooth move is organized packing. Labeling each box as you go is essential.

Keep Sharpie Markers available at each packing station in your home. Use them to identify each box’s contents and the room to which it should be delivered at your new home. Indicating the contents of each box will save you time and effort at your new home. You won’t have to dig through every box to find specific items you’re looking for.

Make sure you also indicate which boxes contain the fragile items. Use the markers to write “Fragile” and “This Side Up” on the boxes that need special care.


Invest in high-quality, heavy-duty packing tape to secure your boxes. The high-quality tape will better protect your boxes and belonging against the abuse of moving.

Make sure you pick up a couple of tape dispensers too. They’ll make the taping part of your project a breeze.

Be sure to reinforce the bottom of your boxes with packing tape. Use an extra layer on heavier loads.


It can be tricky to protect large furniture pieces, especially when they won’t conveniently fit in a box.

Help protect your furniture from scratches and other damage by using moving pads or blankets. Wrap these pads or blankets around furniture, then secure them with a large stretch wrap.


With these essential packing supplies, you’re sure to have an efficient move.

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