Apartment Moving Tips

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or simply moving to another apartment, you may find yourself a bit stressed and understandably so. There are a lot of moving pieces (excuse the pun) to consider when you’re relocating. Since our local Long Island moving company knows a thing or two about moving and we don’t want anyone to be unnecessarily stressed out about moving, we thought we’d share a few apartment moving tips.

leasing sign for renting an apartment

Let your current landlord know you’re moving

Once you know you’re moving, you’ll need to make your current landlord aware of the change. While most leases require notification in writing and at least 30 days’ notice, you’ll need to check your lease for exact requirements.

Set up new utilities

If you’re going to be responsible for paying any utilities at your new apartment, make sure you get those set up before moving day.

Change your mailing address

If your mailing address is changing, you’ll want to swing by the post office to request the Mover’s Guide packet which contains the necessary paperwork to change your address.  You can also do it online at USPS.com/move

Get a moving plan in place

In preparation for moving day you’ll want to finalize your plan. Are you renting a moving truck and recruiting friends? Are you hiring movers? Are there any rules at your new apartment complex about what time of day you can move in?

Start packing

The sooner you start packing for a move, the better! Packing at the last minute creates undue stress and results in a very disorganized move. By packing early, you can also reevaluate your belongings, discarding items that no longer serve a purpose for you.

To hire professional movers or not, that is the question

Are you debating whether or not to hire a moving company? We realize that you might be concerned about the cost of hiring movers, wary of trusting your belongings to strangers, or have other concerns. We encourage you to compare the cost of hiring pros with the costs associated with a DIY move (don’t forget to calculate the cost of feed your army of volunteers). The results might surprise you! Also, when you hire a moving company, you literally don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting and you can be in your new apartment quicker.