What to Do with Boxes After You Move?

Congratulations. Your professional moving company has moved all of your belongings into your new home and you have everything put away in its proper place. And now you are wondering what to do with all of the boxes? Below we will discuss your options for getting rid of those used moving boxes after a move.

Ask Your Moving Company

Begin by asking your moving company if they want the boxes after your move. They will either repurpose those boxes for another job or know how best to dispose of them. Your movers may not want your boxes, but they will be able to provide you with some good local ideas for getting rid of them because they know the area and the business.

Sell Them Online

Facebook and Boxcycle are two options for selling your boxes online after a move. Boxcycle is especially unique because they deal only with new and used boxes. Both websites will allow you to purchase and sell used boxes locally. Selling your boxes online is a great way to recycle your used moving boxes and to get a little money for them. You can even list them for free on Facebook marketplace and help a neighbor with their next move.

Contact a Local Charity

Boxes have many uses and some local charities have a great need for them. If you are interested in donating your used moving boxes to a local charity like a thrift store, food bank, shelter, or community center, then all you have to do is ask. It is best to call them first to see if they want the boxes, and if they do, simply drop them off. Giving your used moving boxes to a local charity is a great way to recycle them and repurpose them for a good cause.

Recycle or Reuse

You always have the option to take your used boxes to a recycling center, or, if your local municipality allows, leave them on the street to be picked up on trash day. If you have a garden or there is a community garden in your neighborhood, cardboard boxes also make great compost.

Unless this is your last move, you may want to save your used moving boxes for your next move. Your professional moving company will take care not to damage your boxes in transit, so they should be easy to fold up and store after the move is finished.