Where to Get Moving Boxes NYC

If you’re gearing up for a big move, you’re going to need a lot of cardboard boxes. Moreover, chances are you’ll need even more boxes than you think. There are more than a few options to get moving supplies in New York City.

If you’re looking for specialty boxes, like wardrobe boxes or heavy duty boxes, you’ll want to go to a store that specializes in moving kits and packing supplies. It doesn’t have to be a store specifically for moving supplies. Shipping services like UPS have storefronts that offer plenty of different boxes and supplies that will fit your needs, though you’re not going to find moving-specific items like moving blankets.

Of course, moving is already an expensive affair. Hiring a moving company isn’t exactly cheap, even if you get reasonable moving quotes. You might not have a lot left over to spend on supplies. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get free moving boxes in NYC, though there’s no guarantee that they’ll be in good condition.

Grocery stores seem to be the most common go-to for people who are looking for boxes. The bigger the grocery store, the more freight they get, which means the more boxes they go through. You’ll want to call the store ahead of time rather than just showing up and hoping for the best. When store workers stock the shelves, they then break the boxes down and crush them in a compactor. If you call them, they can set boxes aside for you. If they’re not willing to do that, you can at least find out when they get their shipments in so that you can show up before they destroy the boxes.

You can also check liquor stores, which isn’t something people often consider. What’s great about using a liquor box for moving is that, because they’re used to hold glass bottles, they’re great for fragile items. You’re not going to find large boxes, but they’ll be sturdy and perfect for smaller items. The same goes for bookstores. Books are heavy, so the boxes they come in need to be strong enough to not fall apart.

Honestly, any story that sells decently sized merchandise is going to have boxes at some point. Department stores can be an excellent source, too, as they’ll have boxes of all sizes. Flat screen TV boxes are especially unique because their slim profile makes them easy to fit into packed vehicles.

Schools are another place that people don’t think of when looking for boxes. Things like textbooks and school supplies come in boxes, obviously, and because schools aren’t stores, they don’t have compactors made for smashing the boxes. Chances are they’re just sitting around until someone throws them out. If you time it right and check right after the school season starts, you might just hit the jackpot.

It’s really not hard to find boxes. If you ask around, you’ll probably get a wide variety of recommendations, and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting what you need. Just make sure the boxes are sturdy and intact so that you don’t have any unfortunate accidents during the move.