What Are the Best Times to Move to NYC?

Are you planning to move to NYC soon? If so, the excitement likely grows with each day that brings you closer to this community. You might be daydreaming of a day in Central Park, touring the museums, or catching a show on Broadway.

Don’t forget about the pizza, our bodega culture, and exciting opportunities waiting for your arrival!

Before booking moving services in NYC to get into your new place, several logistics are necessary to review. That includes deciding when the best time to move here will be for your situation.

When looking at the best times to move to NYC, a few factors must be considered to have an outstanding experience.


rainy weather

Trudging through the snow to unpack your car doesn’t sound like fun. In addition, putting down protective materials throughout the new home or building takes extra time you might not have. So instead of dealing with soggy cardboard boxes and water-logged furniture, consider scheduling a move for late spring or during the summer.

Although prices tend to be slightly higher during the warmer months, the transitions are also more accessible.

Some people don’t have the luxury of choosing when they move. If you do, consider coming to NYC between May to August. If you don’t mind it being a little hot, moving close to Labor Day would be better. A springtime move is the best option when you prefer cooler temperatures and lower humidity.



Rental prices have increased considerably in NYC since 2020. Some neighborhoods are now 25% more expensive. That means an apartment in Manhattan that went for $4,000 is currently renting at $5,000.

If you’re looking at a $2,500 spot in Brooklyn, it was about $2,000 only a couple of years ago.

The rent in NYC is always high. You can apply for lotteries or special programs to counter that issue, but there are no guarantees you’ll get a place.

Your best option for finding cheaper rent is to sign a lease in February. It’s traditionally the best time to sign the paperwork since there isn’t much activity. The savings can be up to 3%.


school in ny

July tends to be the best time to move to NYC if kids are coming with you. That timing allows them to adjust to their new neighborhood and home for months before the next school year starts.

After you know where you’ll be living, you can find out about enrollment eligibility. Again, it helps to call ahead to ensure the institution has space for more students.

If you move during the school year, you’ll need to confirm space for a transfer student.

Daycares fill up quickly in NYC and have waitlists for several months – and some have parents waiting for years. So you’ll need to shore up these logistics before completing your move to have the best possible experience.


nyc tourists

If you can avoid moving around the holidays and the tourist season in NYC, you’ll have a better experience. The city is welcoming throughout the year, but driving a large moving truck can be challenging through all the clogged streets. We recommend avoiding a move from the week of Thanksgiving until after New Year’s unless you don’t have a choice.


In NYC, the primary moving season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The rates that all professional moving companies charge during this time tend to be higher than jobs booked outside of that window.
When you move during the off-season, you’ll trade predictable weather for more flexibility. You’ll find that the rates tend to be a little cheaper, especially when you get into the winter months.


Many people believe that the best time to move into an apartment in NYC is between November and April. However, if you can avoid the tourist rush during the holidays, you’ll find that it can be a straightforward process to complete this transition.

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