11 Items To Discard or Rehome When Moving

You can save money and time by limiting the items you need to move. Here are some things to discard or rehome when making a residential move.

1. Books

Books are heavy. Sort through your collection and keep only favorites. Have a mini-book fair in your home before leaving and invite friends to take books. Or donate your old books to a charity.

2. Nonessential Documents

Shred any nonessential documents, old bills, or receipts. Also, discard any manuals for equipment or vehicles you no longer own. Make electronic copies of tax returns, save them to the cloud, and shred them.

3. Shoes You Don’t Wear

Shoes are difficult to pack and store; consider eliminating some from your closet. Moving is a great time to free your closet of all those shoes you wore once but haven’t worn since.

4. Clothes That Don’t Fit

Moving is also an excellent time to purge your closet of clothes that no longer fit. Donating them to nonprofit organizations can give them a second life.

5. Expired or Outdated Items

Discard anything past its expiration date, including medicine, makeup, and food. Discard any spices that you bought too long ago to remember buying. Also, take outdated electronics to electronics recycling centers or donate them to a charity. Also, don’t forget to take their chargers to the center or charity.

6. Liquids and Cleaning Supplies

Liquids and cleaning supplies, especially those opened, are a hassle to move — some are even dangerous to move. So, properly discard them and invest in new supplies open your arrival at your new home.

Also, toss mops, sponges, and brooms. Replace them with new ones after the move.

7. Stuff at the Back of Your Closet or Cupboard

If you haven’t seen or used something in years, it’s time to discard or donate it. Examples include:

  • Small appliances you’ve never used
  • Old VHS tapes
  • Unused serving dishes
  • All those gifts you hated but felt guilty discarding until now

Also, take a swipe at the items in your junk drawer to see what you can eliminate there.

8. Anything You Haven’t Unpacked Since the Last Move

If you haven’t unpacked it, you probably don’t need it. So, either leave it, discard it, or donate it.

9. Plastic Containers

Throw away any that no longer have lids. Also, throw away twists, clips, and other odds and ends.

10. Old Toiletries

Throw away any old or almost empty bottles of toiletries, cologne, and nail polish. Movers will not move nail polish or remover because it’s flammable. Also, toss any old or primarily used up makeup.

11. Garage Clutter

Discard the old bed frame, sports equipment, and other items in the garage that you never use.

Moving Help and Beyond

Your load might be lighter after purging your clutter, but you probably have a lot to move. Contact us for a free quote. We can make your moving experience pleasant. We can help with everything from packing and loading to unloading.